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Arizona Registered Agent Service

What is an Arizona Registered Agent?


Sometimes referred to as an Arizona Statutory Agent, a Registered Agent is a person or entity that can receive all official paperwork from the State of Arizona, as well as any service of process that your business might be served in the case of a lawsuit, or other timely / important paperwork, such as tax notices & other filings or compliance itmes. Listing a registered agent is legally required in the state of Arizona.


Why use Grant Morris Dodds to be your registered agent in Arizona?

Utilizing an experienced attorney like Grant Morris Dodds to act as your registered agent in Arizona has multiple benefits. First, they will receive all important paperwork and mail on your behalf and notify you of any important issues or filings that may be required of you. We act as a gatekeeper and give you peace of mind knowing we’re open and reviewing important mail.


GMD can also complete your annual corporation filings as part of this service, keeping your business in compliance with local & state laws.


Privacy can also be another concern for some, or a business may not have a physical presence in the state. Both of these are great reasons to have a local attorney’s office be your Registered Agent.

Grant Morris Dodds, with offices in Chandler, AZ, are experienced Registered Agent lawyers and offer free quotes. Call us at (702) 938-2244 to see how we can help you or your business.

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    The law offices of Grant Morris Dodds can do much more than just receive mail, however. Our Arizona registered agent service can include:


    • Ensuring that your annual reports, minutes, and lists are filed and recorded.
    • Notify you of any changes to the law as far as legal record-keeping and filings are concerned.
    • Pay annual filing fees on your behalf.


    In short, we can take care of legal corporate compliance and important documents so you can do what you do best: run your business.


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