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Henderson and Las Vegas Beneficiary Representation: Estates, Wills, Trusts

In most cases, the administration of a trust or distribution of an estate under a will occurs in a fair, honest and prompt manner. Unfortunately, irregularities occasionally occur or the person in charge of administering the estate is unable to get the job done.


There may also be situations where a will or trust was improperly influenced by a person associated with the deceased.

For individuals who have been damaged by these failings in estate administrations and creation of estate plans, the attorneys at Grant Morris Dodds can provide the assistance you may be seeking in enforcing your rights in an estate.

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    Is Legal Action Required?

    Beneficiary Representation and Will ContestsWhen meeting with one of our attorneys, you will be able to gain an understanding of the estate administration process and will be able to determine whether legal action may be appropriate to enforce your rights in an estate.

    In many cases, just having an attorney represent you will be sufficient to secure your benefits from an estate. However, if your interests continue to be compromised, we are also ready and able to bring any legal action as may be required to see that the estate is handled in a fair, timely and equitable manner.

    Attorneys Ready to Secure Your Rights

    If you believe the decedent was improperly influenced in making a will or trust, it is possible to examine the events surrounding the creation of the will or trust and determine whether the decedent was actually competent when the will or trust was prepared.

    If you have concerns about any of these issues, please call us at 702-938-2244 and schedule a free one-half hour consultation to discuss your individual concerns and formulate a proper plan of action which will secure your rights in an estate.

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