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Although the living trust is the estate planning vehicle of choice for most of our clients, for those individuals who have modest estates, such as where there is no real estate involved and only a bank and/or savings account and home furnishings, the traditional will may be the better choice.

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    Why Create a Will?

    last will and testament attorneys

    A will is important at a minimum to:


    • Designate the individual one wishes to have a executor of his/her estate
    • Divide the estate among the proper individuals and charities
    • Leave cherished heirlooms and other personal effects to those persons who will most appreciate them
    • Designate information about how we wish our remains will be handled, i.e. burial, cremation, funeral services, etc.

    Protecting Your Wishes & Loved Ones

    What if I Don’t Have a Will?

    The alternative to not have any will is called intestacy. In most cases, the difficulties posed by intestacy are more costly and pose more problems than a normal administration under a will, so nearly everyone should at a minimum have a will.

    For more information on drafting a Last Will and Testament in the State of Nevada, please click here.

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