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The Offshore Trust is a tried and true structure which has proved to be impenetrable where properly established and when done in a timely manner.


The power of the Offshore Trust is even more fully demonstrated by the fact that even in cases where the trust may have been established “too late” and for possibly fraudulent purposes, agencies of the U.S. government have not been able to break these trusts.

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    Powerful Asset Protection…

    Offshore TrustsWhile we at Grant Morris Dodds have no intention of establishing plans for protection against fraudulent activities, it is worthwhile to note that even in such circumstances, the Offshore Trust has proven to be the most powerful asset protection structure possible.

    David Grant, one of the partners of Grant Morris Dodds, has been a pioneer in the movement of domestic trusts into offshore trusts.

    Experienced in Protecting Assets

    The grandaddy of asset protection planning is the Offshore Trust.

    For this reason, and because offshore trusts are more expensive to establish and administer, we generally recommend establishing a Nevada asset protection trust and if the client later wishes to go offshore, we will use Mr. Grant’s expertise and affiliations with offshore trust companies to redomicile the Nevada trust in the offshore jurisdiction.

    Either way, the trust attorneys at Grant Morris Dodds have many years of experience in establishing these powerful asset protection structures.

    What is even more important is that we have considerable experience now, not only in establishing the structures, but also in defending the structures against attack. Too often we see individuals in our office who have set up a few entities, such as a limited liability company and a corporation or two and they think they are protected. This is not the case.

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    Grant Morris Dodds


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