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Powers of AttorneyPowers of Attorney

‘Powers of Attorney’ Lawyers Las Vegas & Henderson

Powers of Attorney in Las Vegas, NevadaMost of us will at some time experience a period where we are incapacitated or are unable to properly handle our legal, financial and health care decisions. Incapacity can arise as a result of accident, injury, or old age.

Too often, incapacity comes without warning and without proper planning, it can leave family members scrambling furiously to figure out how to take care of the incapacitated person’s affairs. Without proper planning, incapacity usually leads to the guardianship court, meaning that the local court will decide what persons will be in charge in the person’s finances, health care decisions, etc.

Although the courts try to do their best, there is no way for a judge to fully understand all the family dynamics that are involved in determining the best person to handle the affairs of one who is incapacitated.

Properly drafted powers of attorney allow us to clearly designate the persons whom we trust to take care of handling our finances and making health care decisions for us where we are unable to make these decisions for ourselves.

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