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Does Your Existing Trust Split into Two Trusts at the First Death?

Fortunately, most of our clients come in every so often, at which time, we have the opportunity to review the documents and make sure everything is up to date, reflects the client’s current wishes, and that the trust and other documents are set up in a way that will most efficiently provide for administration and distribution of an estate....

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Naming a Trust as Beneficiary of Your IRA

There is considerable confusion concerning the effects of naming a trust as the beneficiary of an IRA. What is most remarkable about this subject is that it seems to me that most professionals who should know better, i.e. CPA’s, investment professionals and lawyers, have as many misconceptions and gaps in their knowledge as the general public....

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Problems with Deeds on Death, Transfer on Death Deeds or Beneficiary Deeds

deeds on death

When a person dies owning real property in his or her name, probate may be required in order to transfer that property to the heirs of the deceased person. Because of the costs, delays and hassles associated with going through probate in the State of Nevada, many people desire to transfer, or to at least structure the future transfer of, their real property, prior to their deaths....

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