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Do I Need to Hire a Probate Attorney in Las Vegas?

hire probate attorney

The first step in knowing whether you need a probate attorney is understanding the probate process. Probate occurs when a loved one has passed away. It is a court-led process that proves the will, pays off creditors, calculates all assets and property, and pays any beneficiaries. It settles their estate and allows all leftover assets to be distributed to family and friends. ...

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Are Trust, Estate, and Probate Services Essential?

Your needs do not stop during a pandemic. COVID-19 may have you thinking about estate planning in case you or a loved one gets sick. You may also have tough legal questions that you need to be answered quickly. These needs cannot wait until after the stay at home order is lifted. We understand and we are here to help you. ...

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What are the Steps to Probate in Nevada?

steps to probate in nevada

Probate is a legal term that describes the process that someone’s estate goes through after they pass away. The court helps give heirs and beneficiaries a road map on how to settle the estate and make sure all creditors and debts are paid. It also helps solidify a will and gives final payments per the person’s wishes to family and friends. ...

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What if someone died and there is an account with no beneficiary on it?

last will and testament

If a loved one has passed away, their estate will need to be managed. Generally, this is done through the courts in a legal process called probate. This process is influenced by whether the person had a will and who they listed as their beneficiaries. A beneficiary is a person that is entitled to some or all of the deceased assets. ...

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