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Has A Loved One Died Without A Will?

My Loved On died Without A WillThe pain you feel at the loss of a loved one is often compounded if your loved one died without a will.

During a time when you should be able to grieve, the uncertainty created by the lack of a will can cause real problems that you cannot handle on your own.

Some of those are very urgent and can compound and create further complications if you make the wrong choice. You may now be dealing with one or more of the following problems:

  1. Handling the burial or cremation of your loved one. Who has authority to make those arrangements?
  2. Payment of ongoing expenses such as a mortgage, utilities, car payment, credit card payments. Are you able to continue to make those payments?
  3. Accessing or gathering your loved ones property. Is it necessary to access bank accounts or gather property that may be in another location?
  4. Continued support of a spouse or children. How will the spouse and or children of your loved one be supported during a pending estate administration?

Planning And Getting A Probate Attorney

There may be other problems that you are dealing with.  There are certain legal requirements that apply to the administration of a decedent’s estate in the state of Nevada that you may not be aware of and could cause problems if not addressed.

It is smart to seek the counsel of an attorney who practices in the area of attorney who practices in the area of probate, estates, and trust to help you better understand and resolve the problems you are facing.

A good attorney will be able to advise you of the following amongst other things:

  1. If a person did died with a will, that will is to be lodged with the court within 30 days of death.
  2. Some assets may not be subject to the court administration process known as probate.
  3. Depending on the nature of the estate the probate process may be avoided.
  4. You may be entitled to certain financial support from the estate during the probate administration.
  5. You may have personal liability if you improperly claim an estate asset or pay a creditor who may not have priority for payment.


Just as every person has their own unique personality, each estate has its different issues and challenges which can be difficult and near impossible to resolve without professional assistance.

The attorneys at GRANT MORRIS DODDS are uniquely positioned to help you navigate through what may appear to be an unsure and difficult process.

Come in and meet us in person for a free consultation and let us make your problem ours during this difficult and trying time in your life.