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The Nevada Onshore Trust: It’s Also An Estate Tax Planning Tool

A full copy of Mr. Grant’s article can be found here: The Onshore Trust as an Estate Tax Planning Tool.

In his article he answers the question, what is an onshore trust?  He also explains the benefits and downsides of using an onshore trust vs. an offshore trust.  The article also examines some tax planning ideas to be considered as one goes about forming a Nevada onshore trust or self-settled spendthrift trust, as they are sometimes called.  Lastly, Mr. Grant provides some estate planning techniques and suggestions.

This article, The Onshore Trust as an Estate Tax Planning Tool, was written by David Grant while he was a young law student at the University of Houston.  Since that time, Mr. Grant has become a recognized expert in the fields of Nevada asset protection trusts, estate preservation planning techniques, and taxation.  A list of his more recent publications on these subjects can be found here. Mr. Grant can be contacted at 702-938-2244 with any questions related to these very important topics.