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Nevada is Best State for Asset Protection Trusts

Nevada historically has been considered a favorable jurisdiction for forming and maintaining a trust. As one of the first states to pass legislation permitting the self-settled spendthrift trust, or domestic asset protection trust (“DAPT”) as it is sometimes identified, Nevada offers cutting edge laws in the areas of trust formation and administration. ...

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3rd Annual Domestic Asset Protection Trust State Rankings Chart Released

The 3rd Annual Domestic Asset Protection Trust State Rankings Chart has been released!  The rankings and information is compiled by our colleague, Steve Oshins of the Law Firm of Oshins & Associates, and is herein used with his permission. Please know that for the first time since the chart was originally created, it now assigns numerical rankings to each DAPT state. Also, the approximate weights assigned to each variable are listed.  However, please note that in the interests of impartiality, since Nevada is the only state (of the top eight states per the rankings) that doesn't allow divorcing spouses to access...

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