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The Only Reason the Government is Shut Down

The Republicans voted to fully fund the government, but added a requirement that everyone, including the Congress, Senators and their staff people, live under Obamacare. No more special waivers for the Senators, Congress and their staffs, and no waivers for big business without the same waivers for individuals. That is all the Republicans are asking for.

Obama refused to negotiate and Senate Democrats refused to pass it.

So, if you are in the minority of Americans not already opposed to Obamacare, keep in mind that the only reason the government is shut down right now is that Democrats refuse to fund the government if they are required to live under Obamacare.

And Obama calls this simple request, that Congress and the Senators, et al, live under the same regime that the rest of us are now required to live under, is the equivalent of a gun being held to his head.

Mark L. Dodds
Attorney at Law
Grant Morris Dodds
Trust, Probate & Guardianship Attorneys