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Top 10 Reasons Not To Do Estate Planning

Estate Planning is something everyone should implement yet so many do nothing until it is too late. So, we put together this Top 10 list as a parody to lighten the mood and hopefully open your eyes to the importance of proper estate planning.

  1. My spouse doesn’t need any direction or help in what to do or whom to call in the event of my death; if anything happens to me he/she will have no trouble figuring it out at that time.
  2. I plan on living forever, anyway.
  3. I don’t have any assets to speak of, just a house, a few investment accounts and all the stuff around the house, so who could possibly fight over that?
  4. I relish the thought of my heirs fighting over who gets my jewelry.
  5. I feel much more comfortable with a judge deciding who will administer my estate than making that decision myself.
  6. If I am in a coma or on life support, I want to be sure to spend every last dollar on my care and feeding, just in case I come out of it, even if it does take five years.
  7. I owe my financial success to the government, so making sure as much of my estate as possible is paid in taxes is my way of “giving back.”
  8. I worked hard for my money, so I want to make sure my spouse and kids have to work just as hard to get it after I’m gone.
  9. Congress and the president are so careful when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars, I want to let them decide how to “invest” mine.
  10. I have heard some lawyers have been struggling lately, so I want to be sure they get as much of my estate as possible when I die.


So, if you don’t really plan on living forever and would like to talk with an Estate Planning attorney to go over all the facts that truly matter, call Grant Morris Dodds today at 702-938-2244 for a no cost consultation.